Comprehensive eye health and vision exams

Adults should be seen every two years for a checkup of their eyes and vision. Seniors should be seen yearly. Having certain systemic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, cancer, and stroke may require more frequent monitoring of the eye

Children's eye examinations

We recommend that children have their first general eye exam at the age of three; the appropriate use of games, toys and child-specific eye charts makes this a fun, easy and positive experience to build upon. Our office has a child-friendly waiting area


Dr. Tang is fully certified and licensed to practice comprehensive eye care and to write prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs to manage and treat ocular disease. We are happy to treat you upon referral from your family doctor and in most cases on a walk-in basis if urgent

Assessments for cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, and glaucoma

Our high-magnification digital camera allows you to visualize your own eye and better understand your eye condition

Consultation for cataract and laser eye surgery

Dr. Tang will help you receive the best treatment possible with his network of surgeons and ophthalmologists

Eye glasses

We specialize in designer eyewear and search the world for the best frame selection. Our frames are unique, high-quality, high-value and combined with our digital prescription lens technology we will help you look and perform your best! Your glasses will undergo many quality-control checks before you receive them to ensure your satisfaction

Contact lens fittings

Ask us about the newest innovations in contact lenses, including daily disposable lenses which gives your eyes a brand-new, sterile and fresh lens every time you use them - no cleaning is required and they are thinner and less dry. We use hydrogel and silicone-based materials to help your eyes breathe better, and multifocal contacts which help you read small print easier - it's time to get rid of your reading glasses and bifocals!

If you have questions about your insurance coverage or OHIP eligibility, please ask us. We can help you fill out some of your paperwork to submit your insurance claim.