Your Examination Post-COVID

Our goal to provide you with the best eye care and best experience possible has not changed.

Having an intimate personalized experience has always been a trademark of our clinic, and to continue providing this, we have dedicated many man-hours to implement changes in our procedures to ensure your safety.

We are committed to a safe and worry-free visit - our office meets and, where possible, exceeds the Ministry of Health and College guidance and requirements for practice.


  • Face masks are mandatory for all patients and staff - please wear your own when you arrive at the clinic

  • This is an easy excellent tip from an ex-Apple engineer to improve the fit and function of your mask

  • Screening for all patients, hand sterilization and contact tracing logged upon entry

  • Appointments have been spaced out to reduce the number of people in the office at one time - due to clinic closure since last March we do have a backlog of appointments which need to be rescheduled, and your patience and understanding is appreciated

  • Protective barriers are installed, toys and magazines removed and seating is spread out where possible

  • Deep cleaning daily, as well as cleaning in between each and every patient visit

  • Choosing new glasses will be personalized as before, using “white glove” service we will be happy to handle frames from our showcase for you to try on and test. This allows us to clean and disinfect every item afterwards


  • Every member of our team has been fully vaccinated with two doses, and daily health screening for symptoms is performed before starting work

  • New scrub uniforms, masks, protective face shields - we have a new look!

  • Frequent hand washing will be employed when direct patient contact occurs

  • Individual work stations assigned to prevent sharing keyboards and touch surfaces

  • Every member of our team has been fully vaccinated


  • Examinations will be more efficient - telemedicine will be offered in appropriate cases that do not require an office visit, and in-person exams will be streamlined to reduce your waiting time

  • Breath shields have been installed on equipment, and fans and ventilation can be used to reduce fogging from facemasks

  • We will be offering OCT technology to digitally image and examine your eyes - this is a very modern, fast, safe scan acquired with the newest available machine from Topcon. By choosing to augment your exam using this advanced imaging, we can detect problems earlier and sometimes find issues that aren’t easily detectable with traditional microscopes. This additional option is not covered by OHIP, and you may submit this for reimbursement if you have health insurance benefits